4 Things You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview

Leather Briefcase

Ease the stress of your next job interview by packing a leather briefcase the night before. Also, take a minute to make sure your bag is clean and without any visible stains or scratches.

Padfolio with Extra Resumes

We live in a digital age, but your interview is the time to return to paper. Print out at least 5 extra copies of your resume and stash them in a padfolio. Make sure your padfolio has a pen and a clean and crisp pad to take notes. If you are a contractor, make sure you have business cards as well.

Water and Breath Mints

Pack a small bottle of water in your leather bag so you can have a quick drink of water if your mouth gets dry while you are waiting. Don’t forget a tin of breath mints so you don’t have to worry about your breath, but don’t chew gum during your interview.

Questions and a Company Cheat Sheet

You’ve already done your research. But to ensure it is easy to access, type up and print out a few bullet points about the company, everyone you will be interviewing with, details about the position you are interviewing for, and the quantifiable experience you have that makes you the best candidate for the position. Keep your ears open for thoughtful and relevant questions to ask while you are being interviewed, but just in case—type up a few questions of your own.

Only Bring Electronics if Needed

No need to weigh yourself down with a laptop or notebook, that is unless the interview requires you to provide a digital presentation. Your phone can come, but power it completely off or silence it the moment you walk through the doors.

Make sure the briefcase, padfolio, or bag you bring to your interview is one that helps deliver the visual impression you want to make. A slim option or mid size leather briefcase will work or a full-size with only the essentials. Make sure your shoulder strap is on so that you can easily shake hands. If you need a new briefcase, browse Floto Leather Bags  for quality styles that always impress.