The Latest Leather Totes Fashion Trends

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Leather is timeless. It's a must-have for any wardrobe. What's the best accessory made of leather you should have in your closet? One, or several, leather totes are a necessity. Totes are not only stylish, but they are also a functional accessory. Men or women can use leather bags for work or travel, and leather is a material made to last. There are many ways to wear a leather tote. Here's how you do it.

 What's trending?

 Now, choosing a bag that is neutral in color and pairing it with an outfit that plays off of the minimalistic look during the day is a top trend. However, thanks to the ever-expanding world of fashion, it is also popular to pair a leather tote with your office clothes or the clothes you decide to wear out for the evening.

 What tote styles are most popular?

 - The functional minimalist

 The beauty of bags like these is that they are highly functional accessories. Consider large leather totes that you can fit your laptop or books in to haul to work or school. It is also a perfect beach bag.

 - The beauty queen

Going out for a night on the town? A leather tote doesn't have to be huge. Grab one just large enough to fit what you need inside and keep it jet black or dark brown for a dramatic effect that will match any outfit.

- The traveler

A large leather tote can undoubtedly be taken onto a plane as a carry-on, and you will be able to fit whatever you need inside to last you for at least a weekend trip. A rustic dark or light brown tote bag will make you look like a well-seasoned traveler. Selecting a leather tote to travel with will also ensure years of use.

What are the most sought-after colors?

What's wonderful about the world of fashion, and wonderful about leather bags in general, is that you can choose any color to reflect your unique sense of style. A good idea is to use your bag to provide a contrasting element to your outfit. If you are wearing bright colors, use a neutral tote. If you are wearing neutral colors, choose a brightly colored bag.

In short, leather is for everyone. Choose a tote from Floto and use it as a staple in your everyday wardrobe. People are bound to notice.