Why Every Fashionista Needs At Least One Leather Tote Bag

Floto Leather Tote Bags for Women

As you build your capsule wardrobe or look for fun new ways to express your signature style, at least one leather tote bag is required. Here’s why.

Totes Never Go Out of Style

Totes are a fashion staple that is always on-trend. Ladies of every age and demographic love totes, and as long as your bag is neutral, it will go with everything in your wardrobe. 

Easily Transition From Day To Night

The challenge with most laptop bags is that they aren’t something you want to take with after hours—but you need something to put your laptop in. With an oversized leather tote bag, you can look chic and keep your electronics nearby.

Perfect For Travel

If you are looking for a versatile bag for traveling, a tote is a must. It is spacious enough to house your snacks, electronics, and a pashmina in case you get cold. It will fit comfortably under the seat in front of you and it will double as your purse or shopping bag once you arrive at your destination.

They Last Forever

Not only are totes always on-trend, but with proper care, they will last a lifetime. So, if you are deciding between a cute canvas tote and a leather tote—go for the leather. The canvas or alternate material might market itself as sustainable, but only leather will stand the test of time.


What other bag can you take to work, out on date night, traveling, and running errands on the weekend? There are none! And mom’s even love totes as a stylish way to stash their baby essentials that are not pastel with prints. 

All you have to do is select the tote that best matches your style and go from there. Browse Floto Leather Bag for stylish, long-lasting leather tote bags.