Floto Leather Bags FAQs

Floto Product Weights - our leather duffle bags and travel bags weigh 4-5 pounds on average. The larger travel bags (FC Trolleys, Venezia Grande, Positano Grande, Milano Trolley, and Venezia Garment Bag) weigh 6 pounds. Floto briefcases and women's handbags weigh 2-3 pounds on average. 

Detachable Straps - adjustable straps are standard length - 38-46"

Monogramming - we can personalize most Floto items - see our Monogram Information and Policy.

Custom Colors and Designs - we do not offer this service.

 Carry on Size - almost all Floto travel bags are FAA compliant carry on size.

If you have any additional questions please e-mail us at customerservice@floto.com

Thank You! Grazie