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Floto Leather Bags in the Movies

Floto leather bags have made cameos in Hot Tub Time Machine, The Hunter, Ocean's Thirteen, Definitley Maybe, but the biggest role was given to our Cenzo Brief in The Amazing Spider Man as Dr. Richard Parkers long lost leather bag.  The information found inside a secret pocket in the bag sends Peter on a quest to discover the truth behind the disappearance of his parents, and eventually leads to his transformation into Spider-Man:

Floto Cenzo Briefcase in The Amazing Spider Man

Mission Complete - as part of the Spider-Man ARG viral campaign, 25 lucky players received secret locations to pick up their Dr. Parker Cenzo Briefs containing the same clues that Peter Parker found in the movie. A lucky Spider-Man ARG winner blogs his experience - http://fandads.blogspot.com/2012/06/spider-man-arg-game.html

Floto Cenzo Brief in The Amazing Spider Man Movie Game

Floto Leather Bags in the Press

Floto leather bags have received press in New York Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, Self, Lucky, Marie Claire, Hollywood Reporter, Hemispheres, Go Magazine, Instinct, Quest, Natural Health, Kempt, Life and Style, and many more - see some of our press coverage below. 

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Floto Leather Bags Hemispheres Parma Travel Tote Bag

Floto Leather Bags Press


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