How to Replace Brass Trim

Some of our messenger bags styles have brass trim on the inside corners.  These trim pieces hide the tied off stitching - they are purely cosmetic and will not affect the life of your bag.  If you loose one they are very easy to self install:

 1) We recommend that before you put the new trim on to clean up any extra thread behind the brass. To do this you can use a lighter to melt the extra wax thread.  The stitching is tied off and will not come loose, however, removing the excess will make it easier for you to install the brass trim. 

2)  Tuck the excess leather underneath the trim and use your fingers to make sure the trim is snug against the leather corner.   Once the trim is in place and snug use a common household plier to clamp down and secure it.  

3) Give it a good crimp again to make sure it is tight.  You are now finished.

If you loose a brass trim we can send a replacement. To request a part please:

1) Take a picture of your Floto bag with the missing trim + one picture of the "Floto" logo inside your bag.

2) Email pictures + your mailing address to

We will source the correct trim and mail it to you at no charge.