A Duffle Bag vs A Rolling Suitcase: Which Should I Take on My Next Trip?

Floto Leather Travel Duffle Bag

Your personal needs and destination will help determine whether a rolling suitcase or leather duffle bag is the better solution. And it’s important for shoppers to understand the key differentiating factors between these two forms of luggage to make a decision they won’t regret later down the road. In the post, we explore each of these types of luggage and in which situations one may be more appropriate.

Duffle Bag vs Rolling Suitcase – The Key Difference

There are two major differences between most duffle bags and most rolling suitcases: capacity and convenience. A duffle is easy to carry where the terrain is rough, so consider if you’ll be forced to carry your bag often on your way to your destination. But if your journey won’t include a lot of cobblestones or dirt paths, you may get tired of carrying around a duffle bag. Pavement and airport floors are perfect for rolling luggage.

Capacity is the second major consideration. If you’re trying to minimize costs and fit everything you need in your carry-on, you may want to consider a duffle bag. Rolling luggage is often more restrained by its frame, whereas duffles can stretch and still be within the airline’s requirement.

The Third Option

If you aren’t sure what kind of travel you’ll be doing, what the terrain looks like, or just have a diverse itinerary, you may want to consider a rolling duffle. This mashup of duffle bag and rolling suitcase is narrower than a regular suitcase and has more structure than your typical duffle. If you’re more of a refined traveler and don’t like the look of a typical duffle bag, consider one made of Italian leather.

Regardless of the bag you choose, make sure it’s made of durable materials that can’t easily be sliced open. Also, consider purchasing a lock or cable tie to deter theft. Security is a necessity when traveling and keeping everything in your bag before, during, and after your trip is an essential consideration when deciding on luggage. Browse Floto’s fine Italian leather duffle bag and rolling luggage selection to outfit your next trip.