Floto Leather Care and Maintenance

Leather Care and Conditioners

Proper care is recommended to ensure the long life of your Floto bag.   After your bag has acclimated to its new environment and had a chance to breath we recommend applying a leather conditioner to oil the leather and extend the life of your bag.

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Please see below our leather care recommendations by collection:

Classic Collection and Polished Full Grain Calfskin Bags - for the most common Floto polished leathers, such as Vecchio Brown, we recommend Floto Leather Cream, Chamberlain's, or similar leather conditioner annually or as needed.

Roma Collection, Siena Collection, and Parma Collection - the vegetable tanned calfskins used in these collections have larger pores and require a cream or oil based leather conditioner.  We recommend Floto Leather CreamChamberlain's, or a similar saddle oil; annually or as needed.

Nappa Leather - we make some small items and handbags in Nappa finish leather. We recommend Floto Leather CreamChamberlain's, or a similar saddle oil; annually or as needed.

Saffiano Leather and Pebbled Leather - we make some handbags in Saffiano and Pebbled Leather. No maintenance is required but you can use Lexol Leather Conditioner make it look new again.

The Older The Better - some of the natural vegetable leather skins we work with have larger pores and easily absorb smells. You may notice hints of glue, leather paint and vegetable tannins when you open your Floto bag for the first time. To make your bag each piece of leather is first glued together to line everything even for the sewing machine. The raw edges are finished with special leather paint that smells like nail polish. The vegetable tannin extracts in the leather are also gassing off a sweeter scent. In a traditional store environment the edge paint scent would have faded prior to purchase but your bag has been wrapped in protective plastic since it was made and now has a chance to breathe. The plastic wrap is vital to protect your bag from dirt and scratches along the way to you but it also traps the production smells. In our experience it takes 24-48 hours to acclimate in fresh air. Please take note of this characteristic, and remember, with vegetable leather "the older the better".


As always, please email customerservice@floto.com if you need additional assistance with a Floto product you have received.