A Guide to Different Styles of Handbags

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There are many types of handbags available on the market. Understanding the different names for them will allow you to find the perfect one to meet your needs and your personality; choose from a canvas bag, a leather hand bag, a satchel, and more. Here are terms you can familiarize yourself with:

Clutch Handbag

If you are going to an elegant formal affair, the clutch handbag may be the perfect solution for you. This short-and-long rectangular clutch handbag is meant to be carried in one hand, although a few have shoulder straps. They usually are made of high-quality material and often have elaborate closures.


Totes are one of the most useful types of handbags because of the immense variety of things that can be placed into one. They come in a variety of sizes, and the larger ones serve a number of purposes. For instance, your large bag can be used for a short getaway trip, or it can serve as a laptop case or be used to carry groceries. These bags usually have two sturdy handles, and they are often made of leather or canvas.

Hobo Bag

Very similar to totes, hobo bags are large handbags that normally have two handles. Unlike tote bags, these bags usually have a zipper or other closure at the top. Their crescent shape makes it easy to fit things in the main compartment. A hobo bag is a great choice when you're looking for a leather hand bag.

Crossbody Bag

Enjoy using a bag with a casual appearance when you carry a crossbody bag. They have a long strap meant to be carried across the body, making them a very secure option. These bags often are the perfect size for a day trip. Most of them are sturdy.

Messenger Bag

Many people confuse a messenger bag with a crossbody bag, but there are subtle differences. Messenger bags have a longer strap, allowing the bag to be worn on the back. They are extremely useful for those who commute to work by bike. Messenger bags are often made of weatherproof materials.

Slouchy Shopper

Due to its numerous pockets, the slouchy shopper is a quaint little bag perfect for staying organized. Most slouchy shoppers come with a removable shoulder strap, but all have two handles. They often come in bright colors.


Colorful satchels like those from Floto Leather Bags are a great way to stand out from the crowd. They are designed to look like old-fashioned bags that children used to carry their school books. Most close with straps and buckles.

Beautiful handbags are available in many different styles. Use this list to choose the one that fits your needs.