Different Types of Leather Briefcases

Italian Leather Briefcase Floto

For those who live a professional life, having briefcases leather is a necessity. Since briefcases were first designed, they have come a long way. Original designs sported an iron frame, with hinges and a small handle on top. Briefcases made of leather are the most popular, on-trend accessory for businessmen and women alike, as they are classy and convenient. When briefcases were first introduced, they were primarily used by attorneys. Today, you can find students and professionals in various careers carrying a briefcase. Within the classification of briefcases, there are four main types, each with special characteristics that define its use.


The word portfolio means a collection of loose papers, which is exactly the strength of this particular style of briefcase. Individuals are able to store and organize all their important papers in one place that is easy to transport from one location to another. A portfolio may look like a normal briefcase, other than its one missing feature—the handle. There is no handle because most portfolios are slim and flat and can easily be carried under the arm or held in your hand. Modern portfolios will include a zipper or buckle and can even hold a laptop. They are generally more lightweight and less expensive than their counterparts.


A padfolio is a combination of both a notepad and portfolio style briefcase. These are generally going to be slimmer than the portfolio and are specifically designed to be held under the arm. Inside there is generally going to be a writing pad, credit card pockets and possibly a calculator. If any of these items are missing, there is going to be a designated place for you to place your own. Additionally, there will be room to store sheets of paper. These are attractive due to their small, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry them around. Those who typically use a padfolio are required to take notes for work.


Attaché briefcases are the largest briefcases available. In years past, they were primarily used by ambassadors and diplomats, hence the French word “attaché.” This style is a rectangular box that opens up into two separate compartments that holds more than you might initially think from looking at the outside. Originally, these types of briefcases were only available in a standard size and were composed of aluminum. Today, you can purchase an attaché case in different sizes, designs, and materials.

Travel Briefcase

Individuals who are required to travel frequently for work might consider investing in a travel briefcase. Just as the name suggests, a travel briefcase allows you to store a set of clothes, necessary papers, and a laptop for a business trip. Typically, a travel briefcase is divided into different compartments to keep your clothes separate from your papers and work items.

As you can see, there are briefcases leather for just about every person and style. Whether you are in need of a portfolio, padfolio, attaché, or any other type of leather briefcase or bag, browse the wide selection available from Floto Leather Bags today!