How to Care for Your Leather Tote Bags

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Knowing how to care for your leather tote bags is important because they can become easily damaged if not cleaned properly or at all. First and foremost, it is essential to know what type of leather your bag is made from. There are various types of leather, such as chrome tanned, top grain, and full grain. The majority of your leather bags, however, are probably vegetable-tanned with tannin, which means that when washed with water, they can shrivel and become discolored.

How to Safely Clean a Leather Bag

Cleaning your leather tote bag with water will most likely cause damage, so it is important to buy a cleaner that is made specifically for leather. It is a soft soap that is applied to the bag and wiped off with a semi-damp cloth in order to avoid clogging the bag’s pores. Leather bags do not require a lot of cleaning. You only need to apply a leather cleaner at least once or twice a year in order to sufficiently maintain your bag.

Leather tote bags also need conditioner applied to them in order to prevent them from drying out over time. Leather bags tend to flake and wrinkle with a lot of use, but moisturizing your bag with a conditioner can prevent that from happening.

It is acceptable to use mink oil for conditioning as it supplements the leather's natural oils. Leather bags should be conditioned at least once a month.


If you notice stains on your leather bag, they can be removed immediately with white chalk powder. You can let the chalk powder sit on the stain overnight and clean it off the next day with a dry cloth.


Storage is another important part of maintaining your bag. You can keep the leather bag in a dust bag or a natural-fabric pillow case. The chrome and metallic parts of the bag can be wrapped in tissue paper. After cleaning the entire leather bag, it is best to let it air-dry completely before storing it. Keeping your leather bag stored while not in use helps maintain its shape and overall condition.

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