How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

leather duffle travel weekend bag

Whether you are traveling by car, train, or plane, you want your leather tote bags to have everything you need for your weekend getaway. Here’s how to pack the perfect weekender.


Lay Everything You Need Out First

You’ll only be gone a night or two so now is not the time to overpack. Layout all your outfits in full, including undergarments, layering items, shoes, and other accessories. If you will need more than one outfit per day, choose items that can be mixed and matched. For example, maybe you wear the same shoes and skirt or slacks for dinner each night, but a different top. Laying everything out first will help to ensure that you don’t overpack or forget anything. That being said, pack at least one item for unexpected weather—like a light jacket or pashmina in case it’s colder than expected.


Compartmentalize Your Bag

One of the things we love about weekender leather tote bags is that they have large and wide-open spaces that fit more than a standard suitcase. To further maximize your space, compartmentalize your clothing in packing cubes, your jewelry in a travel organizer, and your toiletries in a bag with miniatures of your beauty/hygiene essentials. And to keep your clothing clean, pack your shoes in cloth bags.


Consider A Separate Bag For Your Electronics

Try to leave your laptop at home and bring your notebook or e-reader instead. But if you absolutely must bring larger electronics with you, pack them in a separate bag. Maybe a matching leather backpack or tote? This will ensure you maximize the space in your primary bag and provide proper electronic padding. But if it’s just one night, try to make it work with just a backpack or smaller leather tote that can fit everything you need.


Looking for the perfect weekender bag? Browse Floto Leather Bags leather totes now. Here’s to your much needed weekend away!