Leather Briefcases: A Gift Buying Guide

Floto Leather Messenger Bag Briefcase

First-time Italian leather briefcase purchasers commonly feel overwhelmed when looking for the perfect one to gift. There is a wide range of price tags, qualities of material, styles, and more to consider. So, how do you know which bag to purchase for that loved one on your holiday list? Here are a few things to help you find the perfect bag when you are doing your holiday shopping.

Quality of Leather Used

If you want to to give a gift that keeps on giving, you will want to purchase a bag that was made with high-quality leather. High-quality leather will look better with age. Over time, the look of the leather will change, eventually developing an attractive patina color. When you purchase a briefcase that is made of high-quality leather, it will look, feel, and smell the way you expect leather to look, feel, and smell. In addition, quality leather is going to be durable and flexible and the recipient will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Briefcase Hardware Used

When shopping for a briefcase, don’t overlook the hardware. Typically, if you purchase a briefcase crafted from high-quality leather, the hardware will also be high-quality. But even so, always be sure to look closely at the locks, handles, shoulder strap fittings, zippers, buckles, metallic rings, and other pieces of hardware that are a part of the briefcase.

Briefcase Style

When selecting a briefcase to give as a gift, it is important to know the intended recipient’s lifestyle to know what style of briefcase will be the best fit for them and their needs. Does their profession and lifestyle require an attaché style briefcase or is a rolling briefcase more in line with their style? Perhaps, a messenger bag is going to be the perfect fit, as it compliments the widest variety of lifestyles and professions.


Once you have determined the right style of briefcase, you’ll want to find a variation that will allow the recipient to transport all the essentials. Quality briefcases are often deceptive as they look compact and slim when in reality they are designed with flexible and spacious compartments inside that allow individuals to transports laptops and other essential items. You’ll want to find a briefcase that has enough compartments for the recipient to keep things organized and all in one place.

We hope this gift guide is a helpful place to start when shopping for an Italian leather briefcase to gift this season. At Floto Leather Bags,  we sell high-quality leather briefcases that are guaranteed to look and feel fantastic for years to come.