Many Different Uses for Leather Totes

Floto Leather Tote Bags

Totes are a type of handbag that have long straps and roomy interiors. The straps allow you to carry the bag up on your shoulder and tuck it under your arm. You can also tote the handbag in your hands as you run errands or go out for lunch. Tote bags are made of a variety of materials, but leather is often considered to be the most durable and luxurious choice. Available in a range of colors, leather totes can complement virtually any type of outfit. With the tote being so versatile, there are numerous ways that you can effectively use your tote, here are three of the most popular ways!

Traveling with Your Tote

Whether you are a daily commuter by bus or you occasionally take a longer trip by plane, a tote allows you to keep all of your essentials together and at your side. These bags are roomy enough to keep your smartphone, keys, wallet, lip balm and tissues within close contact. Many totes also have ample space for a bottle of water and packages of trail mix, cookies or crackers to satisfy your hunger while traveling. Depending on the style you prefer, you can get a bag that zips closed or has an open top.

Bringing Your Laptop or Tablet with You

When you want to bring your tablet, e-reader or small laptop with you to work or for a weekend away, you might not want to travel with a bulky and clunky duffel or messenger bag. A tote has just the right amount of space for you to bring your tablet and its case, charger and earbuds. Most totes can also accommodate a small to medium-sized laptop and its cord and adapter. If you need to bring a few accessories such as a memory card, optical mouse or noise-canceling headphones, the tote gives you enough space for all of it.

Keeping Your Hobbies Handy

If you have portable hobbies such as knitting, drawing or writing, a tote allows you to bring your project items with you in style. Crossword puzzles and sudoku books slide into a tote with plenty of space left over. If you cross stitch or read paperback novels, a typical tote will have lots of extra room for them. For those who enjoy crocheting, totes provide an ideal way to bring along a cake of yarn, hook or needles and a notions pouch.

With these helpful ideas, you can make the most of your beautiful leather totes every day. Floto Leather Bags offers a range of totes in different sizes and colors. These bags have plenty of space for laptops, sundries and knitting projects.