New Leather Acclimation
Floto Leather Saddle Bag

The natural vegetable leather skins we work with have larger pores and easily absorb smells compared to standard leather.  You may notice hints of glue, leather paint and vegetable tannins when you open your Floto bag for the first time.  To make your bag each piece of leather is first glued together to line it even for the sewing machine.  The raw edges are finished with leather paint that smells like nail polish.  The vegetable tannin extracts in the leather are also gassing off a sweeter scent.  Your bag has made a long journey from Tuscany to your doorstep and finally has a chance to breathe.  

If you love this smell savor it before it fades.  If you are sensitive to this smell you can air it outside in the shade on a dry, cold to mild temperature day.  In our experience it takes 24 hours to acclimate in fresh air.  This is also a great time to apply leather conditioner to your bag which will oil the leather and protect it from the elements. 

Please take note of this characteristic, and remember, with vegetable leather "the older the better”.