Taking Care of Leather Totes 101

Floto leather tote bags

Leather accessories aren’t exactly the cheapest item on the block. Your leather totes  should last you a long time and should be worth the money you spent. However, pure leather needs to be specially taken care of.  In order to keep your bag in good condition and looking chic, you need to understand how to care for it.  Here are some tips.

       1. Waterproof your bag

Waterproofing your new Floto bag or tote is only necessary if it is made with full grain leather - i.e. our Vecchio Brown, Olive Brown, Tuscan Red, Roma, Parma, etc.   If you own a Floto bag that is made with Saffiano Leather, Pebbled Leather, or Smooth Matte Finish Leather (like the Sapri Shoulder Bag pictured above), waterproofing is not necessary.  

Waterproofing products are easy to find and, for the most part, easy to use.  Waterproofing is especially important if you live in a place that rains a lot or has high humidity.  Waterproofing spray works well and is easy to find.  You can also use our Leather Cream which is made with only natural ingredients and has a wax base to add waterproofing.  

2.  Condition and clean your leather totes regularly

It is important to clean and condition your bag regularly. This will keep your bag looking nice and neat. However, make sure you use the right products.  If your bag is dusty but not soiled or dirty, we recommend using a damp cloth to clean your bag and then let it dry.  For dirty, soiled or stained bags we recommend Lexol Leather Cleaner.  After you have cleaned your bag use a leather conditioner to keep it from drying out and flaking.  There are many conditioners the market that work great on Floto tote bags including our Leather Cream that is made with only natural materials specifically designed for our full grain leathers.
3.  Store your bag somewhere safe
Speaking of your bag drying out, you should store your bag in an area where the sun isn’t shining directly on your bag.  Direct sunlight will dry out your bag and over time will cause the color to fade.  Store your bag in a dark closet that isn’t humid. Humidity can make your bag grow mold, so choose a nice, dry place.  Air out your bag every few weeks or so to keep your leather tote from molding.
4.  Don’t overpack your leather totes

Remember not to overpack your bag. This can be hard, especially when you are busy and want to take everything you might need with you. However, overpacking your bag will cause it to stretch and tear. So, keep it light. You should also keep items such as makeup, lipstick, or snacks in baggies so the lining doesn’t become soiled.

5. Rotate your leather totes

Remember that rotation is key! Rotate which bags you use monthly, so they don’t get overused and are able to maintain a pristine condition.

Whether you’re new to leather totes, or just got your hundredth favorite bag, these steps will help ensure you get your money’s worth in appearance and use. Your bag will be more luxurious and last far longer by taking the time to properly care for it.