Things to Look For in a Leather Duffle Bag

Floto Roma Leather Travel Bag

When you’re looking at a duffle bag, you might think that the only quality you’re looking for is whether or not it holds all of your things. While that might fit the bare minimum required of a bag, a great bag should do more. It should be an extension of your style and should last for years. Here are the key parts of a duffle bag that give you a quality, long lasting bag.

  1. The Shape
  • The history of the duffle bag can be traced back to the Belgian city of Duffel, a town known for its tough canvas cloth. A traditional duffel bag can be recognized by its cylindrical shape and carrying straps, an eye-pleasing form that has stayed around for centuries. Floto’s Roma travel bag is the perfect compromise between the functional square travel bags and the traditional cylindrical shape of the duffle bag, with a rectangular bottom and a rounded top.
  1. The Quality
    1. Any good leather duffle bag should be made from high-quality stitching, Italian leather, and sturdy lining. Good quality leather will stand the test of time, and the thickness of the leather will also give you a good idea of how long your bag will last. If the pockets have zippers, those should be made of a sturdy metal.
  2. The Straps
    1. Having a strong strap is important for when you’re traveling with a leather duffle bag. And having adjustable straps allows you to carry the bag in a comfortable position for longer periods of time. Smaller hand straps attached to the bag should have thick stitching, and can allow you to carry the bag more comfortably for shorter periods of time.
  3. The Look
    1. In the end, you need to be happy with the way your bag looks. A leather duffle bag is a statement piece, and you should choose a bag that lets your own personal style shine through. A high-quality leather bag will last three times longer than an average bag, and should bring you joy every time you grab the leather straps.

Investing in a high-quality bag is something that you should put a lot of thought into. But having a bag that will last you years to come will be an investment that you can take on all your travels, no matter the destination, and no matter the reason. Floto carries beautiful Italian leather bags and accessories. We guarantee you’ll fall in love their look, and tumble head-over-heels for their quality! Find your new travel partner today!