Why We Love Leather Hand Bags for Women (And Why You Should, Too!)
Leather Handbags by Floto

Luxury bags might not seem like a practical investment, but it might be just what your closet is missing. If you are looking for an elegant, sleek accessory for work, or for a statement piece that will set you apart from the crowd, or are just looking to treat yourself, a quality leather bag may be just what you’re looking for. Here are our top reasons to invest in a quality leather bag.

  • When you buy a luxury bag, you’re making an investment. You are adding an accessory to your closet that will bring a level of sophistication to any outfit. A simple pair of jeans with a summer top can be elevated from cute to chic, when you add a quality accessory like a leather handbag. Even the most casual sundress or graphic tee can come alive with the right accessory. A leather handbag can dress up almost anything.
  • If you opt for a high-quality leather handbag, you are investing in a family heirloom. While right now, you may consider your grandmother’s clothes ‘vintage’, and fashion statements that you treasure, they all started at the store. Every shopping spree is a trip to choose what items you’ll leave as your legacy. Each piece of clothing and accessory that we buy will tell a story to those who will receive it in the future. One day, your children or grandchildren will appreciate and treasure your collection of quality accessories that have withstood the test of time.
  • Investment bags are timeless, unlike trendy bags that change each season. While designer bags can be exciting and popular, they can all eventually go out of style. A high quality leather hand bags for women are ageless and simple will complement your fashion style for years to come. By spending more money upfront on a luxury bag, can save you money over time by avoiding spending money on trendy splurges that won’t last. Which would you rather have? A quality bag that lasts for years to come, or a cheap, poorly made purse that wears out after only a year?
  • Moreover, consider the cost per wear. Break down the cost of any expensive bag to a daily wear price over the course of a year, its usually no more that your daily cup of coffee. This can be considered even more of a deal when you consider special events, office events, and weekend trips that you can utilize your bag for.

It’s time to stop wasting your money on lesser-quality items, and invest in a luxury bag. We know it’s tempting to spend twenty or thirty dollars on a cute purse you find in the department store, but trust us. Those bags won’t last like leather does. And while there are several places that offer leather hand bags, at Floto Leather Bags, we pride ourselves on the simple beauty and unbeatable quality of our products. Choose your own style, from our large array of women’s handbags, made out of superior Italian leather. Find one that speaks to you, today.