Most Floto Bags Are Carry On Size

Most Floto Bags are Carry On Size

Because of the soft and forgiving nature of our bags, most Floto leather travel bags and totes will fit into the overhead bins of large jets; however, the Venezia Grande, Positano Grande and Milano Trolley Large might have to be checked. The overhead bins on turbo props and small airplanes are too small to fit our larger bags (Venezia Grande, Positano Grande, and Milano Trolley Lg).

The formula used to find the maximum carry-on size for most airlines is as follows:

Maximum Carry-on Size = 45 Linear Inches. Or, Length (in inches) + Width (in inches) + Depth (in inches) = 45 Inches.

All of our bags meet this criteria when fully packed except the Venezia Grande (49 Linear Inches), Positano Grande (48 Linear Inches), Milano Trolley Large (50 Linear Inches).

Our experience and feedback from customers is that checking your bag depends on the mood of the airline on the day that you travel and how stuffed your luggage is. Floto leather bags are soft and even the larger totes and duffles can be compacted to fit restrictions if they are not completely packed.

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