How to Replace a Floto Briefcase Lock

Floto Briefcase Lock Repair Replace

We designed a new tuck lock that is solid brass and will fit older briefcases with the standard 2.25" locks.  We designed the new lock so it is possible to replace an old lock without opening up the stitching.

If your lock fails within the first year of use we can replace it at no charge in our repair lab - print off the Floto Tuck Lock Repair Form and Instructions to send your bag in for a lock replacement.

You can also purchase this part if you want to do-it-yourself or have your local cobbler replace it. 

Repair Instructions

Difficulty - intermediate / advanced

Floto Briefcase Locks

For best results print this page and have your local shoe cobbler install

1) Remove the old tuck latch - first try to unscrew it with a small phillips head screwdriver. Many times the Loctite thread locker will cause the screw to strip. If this is the case you need to drill out the screw with a metal drill bit. In this example one screw came out easily and the other screw we had to drill out.

2) Line up the new tuck latch evenly and tighten the new set screws with a precision phillips head screw driver.

Briefcase Lock Repair 2

Tip: you can lighly tap a common finish nail in the holes before screwing to indent the leather if you have trouble tightening the screws:

finish nail

3) Use a flat head screw driver to pry the old backplate off.

Briefcase Lock Repair 3

Important - inside the bag, hidden in the leather wall, is a metal lock plate. Be careful to make sure this plate stays in place so you can easily insert the new backplate into the existing slots of the hidden plate.

4) Insert the new backplate into the existing slots in the leather + the slots in the metal plate that is inside the leather wall.

Briefcase Lock Repair 4

5) This is the trickiest part - while holding the backplate from the outside with one hand, use your other hand to bend the legs inward from the inside of the bag. The legs are hidden behind the leather lining on the inside of the bag so you have to take your time and massage the legs inward until they bend over the metal inside plate. First bend one side down, then the opposite side leg.

Briefcase Lock Repair 5

6) You can put a block of wood in your bag and lightly tap the backplate with a rubber mallet to finish the job and secure the backplate. DO NOT strike the top bar or it will bend - any slight deviation will cause the lock to fail.

Briefcase Lock Repair 6

Your new lock is now ready to use!

Floto Solid Brass Briefcase Lock