How to Replace a Travel Bag Foot

The protective feet on the bottom of our travel bags are designed to easily pull out when they get caught on airport luggage belts, rather then tear the bag apart. If you loose one they are very easy to self install:

1) Insert the new foot into the hole on the bottom of your bag.

Replace Travel Bag Foot Step 1

2) Unzip the bag and feel for the 2 "butterfly" prongs on the inside of the bag - gently spread them apart, careful not to poke through the canvas lining.

Replace Travel Bag Foot Step 2

3) Bend the 2 prongs down all the way to secure the new foot.

Replace Travel Bag Foot Step 3

When secure - the 2 prongs will look like this inside the bag:

Replace Travel Bag Foot Step 4

If you loose a foot we can send a replacement. To request a foot please:

1) Take a picture of your Floto bag with the missing foot+ one picture of the "Floto" logo inside your bag.

2) Email pictures + your mailing address to

We will source the correct foot and mail it to you at no charge.