4 Distinct Features of Leather Tote Bags

Floto Leather Tote Bag

When browsing the bag section of your favorite store, you may have noticed a few distinct styles to choose from—cross body, handbags, leather tote bags, clutches, weekender bags, and maybe a couple more here and there. For instance, tote bags are popular because they are generally a large, yet simple bag, suitable for toting around everything you could possibly need or want.

While the intended purpose and details of the different types of totes may vary, there are four distinct features that make a tote bag, a tote bag.


The biggest distinction is its large size. The best kind of tote bags will be large enough to easily carry everything you might possibly need throughout the day—books, laptop, change of clothes, sunscreen, charging cords, etc. In addition to its large size, another great tote bag feature is its flexibility. If you aren’t sure if you’ll need certain items, throw them in the bag anyway. There is always plenty of room in a tote bag.


Aside from its large size, another noticeable feature of a tote bag is its two long straps and wide-open top. The long straps allow the bag to easily hang on your shoulder, while the wide-open top provides easy access to the items inside. Most tote bags close with a simple magnet closure so that even while on the go you can access what is located within. Most tote bags have a single, large interior space. Although, you may find some equipped with interior pockets for basic organization.


Some tote bags have some support, while others are simply large bags with straps, with no support but the fabric itself. On the other hand, some tote bags are too stiff and make it feel like you are carrying around a large cereal box. A tote bag that falls somewhere in between the two extremes is probably a safe bet.


Tote bags are available in a wide variety of materials beyond the basic cotton that enables them to accommodate any style, without sacrificing function. Some of the most common options available include beautiful, yet durable waxed canvas. Another popular option is leather tote bags, which can have either a streamlined and simple design or can include accents, like a leather braid for additional detail. Real leather bags are not only going to look beautiful, but they are also functional, practical, and always on-trend.

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