Floto Leather Messenger Bag Briefcase

When you have the perfect leather briefcase, you will not only feel more professional in your current position, but you’ll look the part as well. Here is a brief guide to find and pick the perfect briefcase to fit your profession.


Style is a big determining factor that can help you narrow down your options. It is not uncommon for workplaces to require a specific dress code. Keep your workplace dress code in mind when browsing briefcases. Within the realm of briefcases, there are three main categories—attaché, soft, and messenger. Each style of bag will be more suitable for different work environments.

  • The Attaché Case
  • The attaché case is the classic, iconic hard briefcase that is often represented in movies and television as being used in government buildings or by attorneys. Therefore, they are best suited for those who work in a formal workplace and are required to wear a suit and tie to the office. An attaché case is the perfect accessory to complement a dignified professional while adding a subtle touch of sophistication.

    • The Soft Briefcase

    Those who work in a business office setting, are more likely to need a soft briefcase. This is because a soft briefcase is going to complement both a formal suit and a casual day at the office, as it has the most versatile of options available. A soft briefcase has the ability to adapt to nearly any surrounding, meaning that it is a great investment for a lifelong career, wherever it may take you. Many professionals view a soft briefcase as a more modern selection compared to the classic look of the attaché case. Nevertheless, a soft briefcase still maintains a classic style that will leave you coworkers envious.

    • Messenger

    If you work in a more relaxed work environment, a messenger bag may be the style for you. The best way to fit into a casual business environment is to purchase a leather messenger bag. Recently, organizations have been trending toward more casual, relaxed workplace environments and this is translating into more lax dress codes as well. A leather messenger bag will keep you from looking out-of-place, but will still help you maintain a professional persona.


    After determining the appropriate style to complement your workplace atmosphere, the next priority is considering the size of briefcase necessary. What items are you going to transport to and from work every day? If you need to transport a substantial amount, you might benefit from having a briefcase with multiple sections and pockets to help keep everything organized. If you overfill a briefcase, even one that is made of good quality, you can ruin the briefcase. Therefore, if you have an idea of how much you’ll need to fit, you’ll better be able to purchase a briefcase of the appropriate size.


    Just because you have decided to purchase a leather briefcase doesn’t mean you don’t have any choice when it comes to color. There are three main colors that provide a timeless look for your briefcase and will be appropriate for any work environment.

    • Black: Black is ideal if you work in a more traditional career and are required to wear a suit to work every day. Black is the sleekest and most formal briefcase option available.
    • Dark Brown: A dark brown briefcase is more versatile than any other option. This is because it can be both dressed up with a suit and tie, or dressed down with relaxed, casual attire.
    • Light Brown: Light brown leather is a popular option due to its relaxed feel. But because it has a more relaxed feel, you may not be able to pair it with a suit and tie for a more formal office setting. Style tip: A light brown color looks good when paired with jeans and a blazer.
    Now that you know what you need to take into consideration to find the right briefcase for your career, check out the wide selection of quality, beautiful leather briefcase available from Floto Leather Bags.