4 Essentials for the Modern Gentleman

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The modern gentleman can have a lot on his shoulders, including career, family, social life, and continuing education. That's a lot of hats to wear, and this calls for both versatility and style. By projecting the best version of yourself, you can always be ready to perform at your peak.


Equipping yourself appropriately is the best way to move through different stations with grace and aptitude while still maintaining that flawless style you crave. Remember, the point where function meets fashion is where the modern gentleman thrives.


Everyone Needs a Wallet


One of the most important essentials for the gentleman is a sturdy and handsome wallet. Things to look for include beautifully aged leather, hand-sewn bindings, and the craftsmanship needed to deal with a busy lifestyle. A good wallet can last for years.


A Sturdy Bag Is a Must


Leather bags for men aren't a new fashion trend. If anything, a leather bag is an old staple that's being reinvigorated.


A high-quality leather bag can be passed on to another generation if it's taken care of properly. The best of these will be handcrafted by true artisans who pay specific detail to both the functionality and the durability of the bag. Whether it's used for a day trip for business or a weekend away, a high-quality leather briefcase should be in every man's toolkit.


Smell Great, Be Great


There's a wide array of scents for men out there, and they range from everyday body washes to extremely high-end colognes. A unique fragrance will make an impression because the sense of smell is so closely tied to memory. Top-notch colognes can add the perfect finishing touch to an ensemble for a night out or for daily use.


Tying It All Together


The joke is that men get ties for all special occasions. In truth, however, a great looking tie can be critical to completing an outfit. Perhaps the modern gentleman doesn't want a cartoony tie or one with brash, outlandish patterns, but there is no reason to be using the same tie from high school dances that you bought a decade ago. Opting for a modern. stylish tie can take a gentleman's outfit from "meh" to "amazing."

For the discerning gentleman, Floto Leather Bags has everything you need for whatever you encounter. With products ranging from belts and wallets to leather bags for men, outfitting for the modern world couldn't be easier.