Travel in Style: A Guide to Leather Luggage

 Leather Travel Bags

You can never go wrong when choosing leather. It's strong, timeless, and stylish. All of these qualities make it an obvious choice when you're in need of the perfect travel luggage. You want something that both looks good and will last, and leather will give you the best of both worlds. There are a variety of bags to choose from, but finding the right womens or mens leather bag can take some research.

Duffle Bags

There is no womens or mens leather bag more perfect than the duffle. This is a classic choice. It will have plenty of room and if you prefer to pack on the lighter side, this will make for a great carry-on. You can find them in a variety of sizes with differing compartment designs for your convenience. They're also highly functional and can be carried around town while traveling.

Tote Bags

Totes also make for a great carry-on bags that can be used as a functional accessory around town. The difference between a tote and a duffle is that totes run a little smaller. If you're taking off on a day or weekend trip, a tote may be exactly what you need.

Rolling Luggage

With rolling luggage, you have more options. From carry-on to full-size, you'll be able to find what works for you. Rolling luggage generally has more room than a duffle or tote, but they can still pass through the gate. If you need ample space for more than a week or two of luggage, you can find a full-sized roller bag to suit your needs without having to sacrifice style.

Garment Suit Bags

Garment suit bags are a must for the traveling businessman. Nothing will be able to infiltrate the durable leather exterior, and your suit will be kept looking pressed and in pristine condition. Save yourself the time spent ironing or finding a laundry service by investing in a bag that will preserve your suit.


Organization is key in traveling, and there are many leather accessories you can add to your bag to keep your things in their proper place. If you don't want to risk a shampoo or toothpaste explosion, look for a travel kit that will prevent it.

Investing in quality leather luggage such as those found at Floto is one of the best decisions you can make for traveling. Your bag will last for years, help keep you organized, and never go out of style.