How to Determine the Overall Quality of an Italian Leather Briefcase

Leather Briefcase


There are few things that beat the beauty and durability of real leather goods. The look as well as the smell of fine leather says class and elegance through and through. When you're investing in an Italian leather briefcase, knowing what to look for will prevent buying sub-standard — or even fake — merchandise.

Know the Lingo

"Real." "Authentic." "Genuine." Leather goods go by a lot of labels. While any of these words describe products that are made of leather, they don't account for the quality. To ensure that your bag or jacket is worth the price, you should know what the labels really mean. For example, genuine leather, in our experience, refers to cheaper quality leather that can be brittle.

If you want the best, look for labels that state the fabric is full-grain leather. Top-grain is second best, often called "fine," and it's made from full-grain leather with the imperfections sanded off. Avoid products with labels that say "patent leather," "corrected-grain leather," or "bonded leather." All of these are usually made from dressed-up scraps.

Know the Look

Full-grain leather has a deep, rich hue that only becomes more beautiful with time. It's made from the entire hide, with all of the inherent imperfections and toughness of the original hide. It also has a suppleness and patina that can't be duplicated, and it will likely look better with each year you own it.

Know the Design

If you're buying a bag or briefcase, chances are it's going to see daily use. Even the finest leather briefcase or garment is only as good as its construction. When shopping for leather items, note the quality of the hardware — like buckles, zippers, handles, and straps. Are they constructed of durable materials? Is the strap or handle made from the same grade of leather as the rest of the bag? Are the seams double-stitched with heavy-duty thread?

Know Where to Buy

If you're purchasing in person, whether from a local shop or a street vendor, you'll have a chance to hold the bag and examine the details. Purchasing online means being extra cautious. Deal only with vendors who have a good reputation, a long history in business, and a traceable online presence. Use functions on the website to zoom and view the product up close, read product reviews, and talk to customer service.

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