Types of Leather Bags Every Woman Should Own

Floto Leather Handbag

The beautiful thing about leather is that it's timeless. Meaning, it never goes out of style! Thanks to the explosion of creativity in the fashion industry, there are so many ways you can use leather to accessorize. Today, one of the most stylish ways to accessorize with leather is with a leather bag. There are many kinds of leather bags for women. Let's talk about the different types and figure out which ones you should incorporate into your wardrobe!

Crossbody bags

There are many sizes of crossbody bags, to fit any occasion. If you find yourself carrying a lot of things, a larger crossbody bag will be big enough to fit all your essentials and comfortable enough to wear for as long as you need, as it distributes the weight to the back and shoulders. If you don't carry much (or just don't want to that day) you can find a small crossbody that can still hang at your side and out of the way.


Totes are a favorite for those who have more items to carry. A tote can even fit things like your laptop or notebooks you may need for work or school. They can also double as a stylish diaper bag for moms who want to make a statement. It is important to note that one of the great things about leather bags for women is that with all the styles available, they can be used for just about anything.


Wristlets are the most functional and stylish choice for a night out on the town. Big bags can get in the way when you want to go dancing, for example, but that doesn't mean that your look must suffer. A wristlet is enough to fit the essentials such as your keys, money, identification, and phone so you can dance all night without having to worry about checking a bag or lugging around something on the bulkier side.

Weekend Bags

Do you love traveling? Or camping? Or going on weekend trips around town? If you want to do it in style, you need a leather weekend bag. Some weekend bags end up falling apart because they are made of materials too weak for being packed to the brim, but you know what they say, leather lasts forever! And let's be honest — it looks amazing too.

Whatever kind of bag you may need, going with a leather one is the best choice. You can find an option at Floto Leather Bags that works for you and keep it for years.