What Your Man-Bag Says About You

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Bags are an essential part of everyday life for anybody who needs to carry certain must-haves from one place to another. For guys, this sometimes means grabbing whatever happens to be handy at the moment. However, the right "man-bag" can make more of a statement than you may realize. In fact, a bag can be an extension of yourself and the image you want to present. Take a moment to consider what some of the bags most often used by men could actually be saying about you.

Leather Briefcases

If a search for "briefcases leather" has brought you to this article, it's safe to assume you're a professional looking for something classy to bring to the office or meetings with clients. Leather briefcases are a classic symbol of confidence and professionalism. They tell the world that you are a driven, organized businessman.

Attaché Cases

Okay, so you'll probably feel like you're on a secret mission with important files in tow if you prefer these classic hard leather briefcases. Even if you're just headed to the office, you'll definitely be presenting a more formal image with a leather attaché case. This can also be a wise choice, however, if you routinely carry documents or folders that need to fit neatly in a protective space.

Messenger Bags

Perfect for travel and business purposes, leather messenger bags first became popular during World War II when dispatchers used them to carry messages. Since then, this cross-body bag has become a stylish and convenient accessory for many commuters. If you prefer this style, it says you're an on-the-go professional with an eye for aesthetics.


Backpacks are practical and appealing to men who prefer to just grab and go with what they need conveniently carried on their back. However, a poor quality backpack can send the message that you’re young and not yet ready for adulthood. But a fine, leather backpack can combine the convenience and comfort of a backpack, with the professionalism that can help you get your foot in the corporate door.

Whether you're searching for "briefcases leather" or something more general like "bags for men," you'll find a wide range of top-quality choices from Floto Imports. As you can see from this discussion about man-bags, there are many styles available. Simply choose the one that best reflects your personality and purposes.