Why Leather Makes the Best Laptop Bag for Men

Floto Leather Messenger Bag and Briefcases for Men

With the exception of a few vintage gems, the briefcase of our parent’s generation is drab and dated. Modern men need a bag they can fit their electronics and daily essentials in that looks good. Here’s why a men’s leather bag is the best laptop bag for you.

Totes Provide Easy Access

There are a time and place for zippers, but as our need for mobility increases, open-top leather totes for men are the hottest trend. With the right pockets, you can store your laptop, phone, notebook, and other work essentials with ease. Really consider the design and storage features you need so your new laptop bag will be your go-to for years to come. 

Men’s Leather Bags Come In A Variety Of Styles

Function comes first, but you never want to compromise function for style. Look for bags in a high-quality leather, neutral tone—and decide if you want the hardware and detailing to be classic or edgy. Either way, your tote will last a lifetime and will never go out of style. 

Leather Keeps Up With You

Your work hard and you play hard too, meaning you need a tote that can keep up. The right bag can be your daily go-to and your weekender. Leather is extremely durable so it can keep up with you as you navigate the city or jet set on your days off. Be sure to apply a leather protector and send it out for cleaning at least once a year. And leather only looks better with age!

Whether you need a bag daily or only on occasion a modern leather tote is the best laptop bag for men. Choose from a style that is casual cool or a bag that elevates your look when you walk into the boardroom. Browse Floto Leather Bags to find a high-quality men's leather bag to fit your lifestyle.